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My name is Rajendra Pal and I am a professional freelance writer.

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Do you know about your body type and training pursuance to that?

If not, Bodies are split into three categories –




Every person has a specific body type and knowing yours help you to build the physique of your dreams. Adjust your workout and diet to your body type, and you’ll achieve the best results. Come let's follow the article and know about your body type briefly.

People of this body type are slim, usually tall and with longer limbs. Look at Kate Moss, Alessandra Ambrosia and Usain Bolt are the good examples of ectomorphs. They can eat whatever they want and will never get fatty stomach but on the other side they have a problem to gain the muscle mass, so however hard they workout. Here are some tips for them to bulk up faster.

Firstly, they should have started packing themselves on protein.protein are building blocks for muscles and combine with carbs help them to gain muscle. Probably they should be eaten more than they ate before because their metabolism is generally faster than others. They should have to avoid to much fatty stuff because of that slow down the muscle-building process.

Secondly, Concentrate on heavy lifting and strength training. Compound exercises are their best friends. Basic workout like squats, deadlift, push-ups and bench-press engage large muscle groups, helping to build physique faster.

Thirdly, Don’t overdo the cardio. Running, swimming or cycling is nice and all but cardio makes lose weight not gain it. Still, “don’t overdo it” doesn’t mean they don’t have to do it at all. Low- intense cardio helps in the pump the blood and deliver the nutrients to the muscle tissues.

All in all, ectomorphs would have to concentrate on eating a lot, doing a lot of heavy strength training and go easy on cardio.

Endomorphs are exactly inverse of ectomorphs.

Usually, endomorphs are short and fatty and have the tendency to gain weight at a much faster rate. Look on Jennifer Lopez, PSY and Beyonce are the examples of this body type. These people struggle too much to slim down. There is a good side too, endomorphs are naturally more powerful than ectomorphs. They can become wonderful bodybuilders and powerlifters.

Endomorphs have the hardest time losing weight, so stay focus to shift weight from the waist to the upper body and make the overall shape balanced.

Long-running cardio would not help them to burn the fat faster. Interval training is much more effective and takes much less time. For example, sprinting is a great burst technique to lose weight faster.

In order to bulk up their upper body, first, concentrate to get rid of your belly as well as strengthen shoulders. Heavyweights and cardio wonders for them in the long run.

If they want to become fit they should cut their daily calorie intake to about 1700 kcal. The lower their calorie intake, the faster they should be shedding pounds, but overdoing isn’t a good thing. There should be very few carbs in their diet and more proteins.

Now summarizing all the stuff: go for intense interval training, bulk up your shoulders with riding on belly fat and cut your calorie intake than they use every day.

Mesomorphs are perhaps the fortunate and lucky one. Why fortune or lucky? Because they have this perfect balance of muscle and fat along with a natural ability to change heir body to their liking. Madonna and Christian Bale are the perfect mesomorphs.

Mesomorphs are easiest to train and grow muscle mass or lose fat. That means they should concentrate on doing everything in moderation, but setting certain goals.

Moderately intense cardio is good for them and they can maintain long-running sessions too.

They can do both heavy and light weights exercise, depends upon the repetition. For example, if someone doing the heavy lifting, then 4-8 reps are good for them but he choose to lift lighter ones, then feels free to go up to 15-18 reps. Certain goals help mesomorphs to achieve their golden physique.

As per diet plan, they can eat what they want but be careful about not to exceed more than 2500 kcal calories.

So, set some goals to achieve with moderate training and eat what they want without caring about fat, carbs, and protein.

These three body types are not categorial, and you can find yourself somewhere in between them. So find yourself where you lie and then go work on your physique.


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