• 1,000 Apple Music streams
  • 1,000 Apple Music streams
  • 1,000 Apple Music streams
Apple Music for Artists is finally available and you can track how your tracks are doing in terms of daily plays and location.

This means we can safely create playlisting services without having to doubt if we will see results or not.

This is also the cheapest Apple Music streams provider on the site. You will be saving $6 every time your choose our service!

What to expect:
- 1,000 streams
- Worldwide streams
- Royalties for the streams
- Up to 2,000-2,500 streams daily
- Customer service with responses in less than 24 hours
- Awesome extras to benefit from
- Awesome discounts and coupon codes for other services

Keep in mind:
- At least 1K streams per song, up to 10 songs in one order.
- Streams and extras are not all organic.
- This will increase popularity of your track significantly
- If you're not signed up on Apple Music for Artists, we are not responsible for your plays not showing up on your distributor past delivery (usually takes 2-3 months for distributors)
- We will deliver on time, but AM for Artists can have up to 72 hour delay, so rather than declining, wait the streams to appear, then leave a comment.


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  • pstreamteam
    pstreamteam 2 months ago

    Great work, thank you!

    • itsabc

      Excellent experience!

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    • itsabc

      Very good buyer, completed the service fast and with beneficial results for both.

  • leemannbassey
    leemannbassey 4 months ago

    Phenomenal Job! I highly recommend this seller :-D

    • itsabc

      Awesome experience with this buyer! Expecting another round of orders!

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