Apple Music streaming promotion for musicians playlist/album for $18

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Apple Music streaming promotion for musicians playlist/album

Apple Music for Artists is finally available and you can track how your tracks are doing in terms of daily plays and location. Apple Music is a one of the biggest music streaming platforms at the moment and is only growing. According to online blogs, Apple Music pays $8 per 1,000 unique streams.

Source: The image above is not of a client we've worked with, but rather an image on google of what apple music for artists looks like. We do not have or claim the rights to this image.

Our price may seem high, but on SEOClerks, we only get 80% and we have to invest in the apple music subscriptions for this to work.
Our competition charges moree without the backup of SEOClerks outstanding support staff.

What to expect:

  • YOU send us a PLAYLIST with 5+ songs (or ALBUM link with 5+ songs)
  • Basic order should provide 1,100-1,700 streams
  • Very fast results (we share screenshot upon completion)
  • Private playlist placement when you leave a review
  • delivery as soon as your track has been added to playlists - either trust us or don't order. (you're responsible for reading the service description)
  • full privacy
  • high quality support
  • non-drop stats
  • no risk, no bots, no tricks
  • improve song ranking and popularity
  • full track is played (no skipping)
  • quick response times (unless traveling)
  • you can personally track through Apple Music for Artists
  • if you cause trouble, we'll cancel the order, remove your song immediately and talk with the support team
  • we do not wait until your distributor receives royalties
  • we do not have access to exact information regarding current Apple Music stats - that's on YOUR end!
Our SEOClerk profile: itsabc
Visit Apple Music website: homepage
Visit Apple Music for Artists: sign up


Apple Music Plays Streams Playlist Promotion


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25 song favorites/love 1 days $9
50 song favorites/love 1 days $16
25 add to library 1 days $10
50 add to library 1 days $18
1000+ times listened (save $2) 1 days $16
5000+ times listened (save $15) 3 days $75
10000+ times listened (save $40) 5 days $140
25000+ times listened (save $100) 8 days $350
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