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AJLANCER team offering Exclusive off-page link building service for all website and blog and page owner

Often question to you before purchase

>> Do you have a website or any pages?

>> Are you seeking off-page SEO expert or link building expert?

>> Are you planning, how to optimize your website on several ways as off-page SEO?

>> Do not have idea what types of backlink service better for you?

Yes! we are offering several SEO backlink services for you in one services

Our expert team will do better SEO backlink for you upon getting your order



Ever very cheap SEO service on SEOclerks network

We are offering different type of SEO packages for you


And this will give you freedom of choose to get any backlink service for your site just in one order

So, you do not need to search different type of backlink from several seller

All SEO backlinks packages listed below from 01-14

Freedom of your choose: What SEO service would you like to best for your site from below?

Each package for $5 from 01-08 packages

No.1 # Ever best SEO customize package from different platform of backlinks

Get any upon your choose from 01-08 services

100-500+ backlink for each order

Profile backlink: Or,
01. Forum profiles backlinks (500 backlinks for $5)
02. Social networks profiles backlinks (500 backlinks for $5)
03. Mix profiles backlinks (forum & social networks) (500 backlinks for $5)

Wiki backlink: Or,
04. Wiki articles Backlinks (contextual backlinks) (500 backlinks for $5)
05. Wiki backlinks (mix profiles & articles) (500 backlinks for $5)

Edu.: Or,
06. .EDU backlinks (include domains - mix platforms) (100 backlinks for $5)

Do follow: Or,
07. do-follow backlinks (mix platforms) (300 backlinks for $5)

Article directories:
08. Article directories backlinks (contextual backlinks) (300 backlinks for $5)

Choose any one as your need from 01-08 SEO packages

You can choose just one per purchase

We will deliver all report by excel and note pad with access password within few days.



We are offering ever best customize package for your website.
Depth SEO factors research by expert team
Proven and safe service
Over thousand of sell
Impressive positive rating, I mean buyer satisfaction

Level X seller (elite seller)
7 years experience on SEO
Highly customer support

100% safe service
We will use complete white hat SEO method for you.
Our service 100% safe from all Google updates (Penguin 2.0 and panda 4 and latest Hummingbird)​

Frequently ask questions: FAQ

Q. What are requirements for doing job?
Answer: Requirements:-
>> You site: url
>> Keywords: 3-5 keys
If you feel difficulties to provide above info, just contact with me.

Q. How do I choose and select your service?
Answer: Please read my service details and you will see 01-08 service in listed in above.
And after place of order just follow my instruction in order section. And fill them. It is just easy and simple.

Q. How do I place order?
Answer: Just click on order now
And follow next 2-3 simple step.
And after payment you will see requirements of order.

Q. What is mixed platform?
Answer: Mixed platform backlink means all backlink will create by edu. Or social network or, forum or profile or, wiki

Q, If I want to order one more backlink service how I will place an order?
Answer: Just place one more quantity of order.
For example: if you want number 1 service just simply pays $5
And if you want 1 and 2 or 3 service, just pay 1 or 2 or 3 quantities for each packages.
This ways you can place any more quantities for all backlink services for 01-08 packages.

Q. Will you accept one more url for one order?
Answer: No! I am not accepting one more url for one order.
If you want to do SEO of other site or inner pages select more quantities rather 01.

Q. Am I change packages after place order?
Answer: Yes you can but you must to inform me within 12-24 hours. Either I will not accept change any package.

Q, Is this service safe from all Google updates?
Answer: Yes! this service 100% safe from all Google robot like panda or penguin

Q, Is this service will get my website rank?
Answer: yes! this service will help very much to get rank on many search engine

Q, Can I order for inner page?
Answer: Yes! you can as many as your need.

Q, what is PR condition?
Answer: PR depend on each service which I mentioned in service 1-08 beside title.

Q. How long it will take to complete this order?
Answer: It is depend on rush of order. But most of the order our team complete before deadline I mean 1-5 days

Q. How I know you are doing my job?
Answer: After place of order, Our team will give you response in order section and from that time your order going to ready for deliver any time and within deadline.

Q. What is service extra?
Answer: service extra means our other related SEO packages, which will help you very much to your site individual way with general service

Buy our most exclusive service extra from below:
Service extras must be result your website on Google first page.
Because service extra number one included with lot of SEO factors
For on-page SEO and Off-page SEO with full analysis of your website with your competitor.
And service extra 2 and 3 will get you superb gov backlink from PR9-PR5

So, service extra service completely recommended for your website.

If you have any more query feel free to contract us by inbox


Add extras to your order

Order Now ($5)
*includes the price of the service

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  • charrenee75

    WOW Over 200 orders all the possitive comments. i 'm gonna buy this product. It's rather comical to see the negative comments are about petty stuff like it's a late delivery. as if the man sits at the pc all day and doesn't sleep.

    6 years ago
  • moraki

    A very professional service.
    I got my service on time and he was able to answer some of my questions.
    If you need facebook links, I'd recommend him.

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    I pay via paypal for you
    I don't received report of you for me

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    hi is a good trafic for this page

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    Hello! Does this also work with parked domains?

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    hello I would like to buy this service but I am unsure if they are real people and if so are they able to signup? my site is registration only

    5 years ago
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    Peoples will comment on my blogs or only visits

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    how much time on wbesite for every visit?
    how many page views per visit?

    my website is:

    5 years ago
  • saurabh1905

    I need 200-300 Indian users per day regularly. Will you be able to provide that for whole month?

    5 years ago
  • sherok2002

    does this service works for Etsy stores ?
    can i target a certain country ?

    5 years ago
  • parsha

    can it be country from India or US? also can it be split over a time period ,say 2-3 days ?

    5 years ago
  • Anime4fun

    Hello. i would like to buy but i have some questions can you please pm me.

    5 years ago
  • sexy7400

    Hey guys. How many clicks are you all getting? I won't be wasting my time for 100-500 when he promotes to 30 million.

    5 years ago
  • slimshady93

    good service ! but i want ask something ,
    u service mean u will send my link to 30 Million groups+ 50000 friends(22000 friends followers + 2 Tweets on 100K followers+ 10 Fan pages (20K fan) promotion > mean 30 mil people will see my url link ?

    can u target my niche ?

    5 years ago
  • tarekhem2014

    if i give you link video youtube how many views i will get please and how many hours you take to start the order ??
    Please answer me sir and thank you

    4 years ago
  • Neptun

    Can you show some examples of WIKI backlinks?

    4 years ago
  • bd27

    What is the expected wait time till i would be on first page of google like how many days?

    3 years ago
  • maose

    please pm we we need to do long term business Important.please personally pm me

    3 years ago
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    1 - Could you do traffic to site( which traffic from local(Thai Nguyen province, Viet Nam)?
    2 - I need my site ( at top 1-3 when search by keywords: "Nha dat thai nguyen"; "nhà ?t thái nguyên"; "dat thai nguyen"; "??t thái nguyên";
    3 - Can you do it for my site please check it.

    3 years ago
  • thanhlau

    Do you accept adult forum? not porn site.

    3 years ago
  • srikrishna

    i have buy a new domain today

    my key word like anti corrosive paint
    anti corrosive paint manufacturers india
    anti corrosive paint for steel
    Anti Corrosion Paint For Structural Steel

    i need seo service for my 2nd website 5 year old , check below given websites also check my competitors also

    3 years ago
  • runbd24

    Hello ajlancer, I want order this offer. If you are available now for this work. please answer.

    3 years ago
  • prk123

    Is this backlinks are able to track with backlink checker much time to take complete this work..please send me sample ....

    3 years ago
  • kallol360

    This is my website and I want to target the below keywords. Please let me know if you can accept this.

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    2 years ago
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    can you give me sample for edu backlink

    4 months ago
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