This Service Works Best For Low- Medium Competition Keywords

Note* Guaranteed Money Refund is for those whose website is ranked already in google top 100. We, Will, refund the money if You see no ranking improvements in 30-45 days period. If Your website is Nowhere in the top 100, then we will rank your site to google first 100 with our SEO Service. No Money back guarantee for this.


1) What do we need?
A. 1 URL and 3 keywords rest we make from LSI.

2) Do You Accept Non-English Keywords/Sites?
A. Yes, we accept.

3) Do you accept amazon/eBay product page?
A. Yes, we accept that.

4) Do you accept gambling sites?


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User Ratings

  • duongva
    duongva 3 days ago

    I checked your report. I think you only make backlink for my site, it is small quality backlink (57 backlink) with low rank of your website. Your services promise with us that:

    You did'nt do follow it. Initially my site had good rankings (you can check it with alexa or with my keywords). I be

    • toughseo

      I think you did not check the reports properly. Please check the tabs below and see the reports properly.

  • sayangemas
    sayangemas 3 days ago

    Thanks for the job.

    Waiting to see the good result.

    More order if result is good.

  • jacobpt
    jacobpt 13 days ago

    Looks like fantastic work! :-) I'll be back again!

  • StefanoLisi
    StefanoLisi 13 days ago

    WoW really good now i'm in first page again ! Fast delivery and good service! Really thanks from Italy

    • toughseo

      Thanks for your positive review

  • rangog
    rangog 15 days ago

    i can't open this , package is damage, can you upload it again, and check rar arhive before sent

  • Santhosh06
    Santhosh06 20 days ago

    Awesome work great service.Best Seo service in seoclerk And i one more project to work with you.

  • semseo
    semseo 24 days ago

    For now no benefit

    • toughseo

      Links are starting to index you will definitely see improvements in upcoming days.

  • Anubhavabap
    Anubhavabap 25 days ago


    Kindly refund my amount $30 as you promised. My website is not showing on the first page of google and you guys did not complete it. We are not on top rank and even not on the first page then what is the use to give order to you guys.

    Refund my amount and don't waste time and money of people like me.

    • toughseo

      you don't even wait 30 days sir. Have some patience for results. Seo is not a Quick rank scheme. You have to Wait at least 30 days for the results to occur.

  • vanter
    vanter 26 days ago

    thank you for your service, waiting to see the resuilt

  • dabdoub100
    dabdoub100 27 days ago

    Perfect. my keyword moved from second search result to the first, just within couples days.
    Thanks a lot

    • toughseo

      Excellent Working with buyer Waiting for more Orders

  • Naazseo
    Naazseo 1 month ago

    Thank you ! Great work, Highly recommended !

  • kelv
    kelv 1 month ago

    Toughseo, I don't have a programme for .rar file extension. could you please send word or xsml? Thks

  • aviblog7
    aviblog7 1 month ago

    Good seller and Great communication. Got delivery within 5 days. Waiting to see the ranking.

    • toughseo

      Thank you for the valuable feedback. Look Below Your Rankings Improvements

  • seokorno
    seokorno 1 month ago

    Toughseo did a great job with my order. The order was delivered on time and the back links are great. The seller was promptly responded to all my quarries before and after the order. I know it will take time to index all my backlinks, but I am expecting to see an increase in my SERP my backlinked I provided with gets index. I'm recommending toughseo.

    • toughseo

      Thank you for the valuable feedback. Sure you will see the rise in SERPs.

      great working with buyer!!

      Early Rankings

  • Maggieonline
    Maggieonline 4 months ago

    thanks for your work !

    • toughseo


      Early Rankings Improvements

  • SamSeoHunter
    SamSeoHunter 5 months ago

    High Quality Work has been done by Toughseo. Wow!! Impressive !!. Didn't expect such a high Quality work for Such Affordable Price. You Just earned a Regular Buyer . Some Massive improvements here !!

    • toughseo

      Thanks for your positive feedback. Your site rankings are improved very much. in just 7 days of link building

Buyers Comments

  • dankos

    send me list of examples of PBN

    2 years ago
  • amerino40pan

    Hi. Please send me list of examples please too.

    2 years ago
  • seotimenow

    hello please send me the sample work

    2 years ago
  • dannydkny

    can you send me example of your domain, we would like to see if their are good domain and if they being google already.

    2 years ago
  • dennyfar

    all TF da 20+ ?? please pm me the list

    2 years ago
  • r4nn

    pm list please

    2 years ago
  • toughseo

    Sorry can not provide reports for client's privacy concerns

    2 months ago
  • iamossama

    please share samples and old work

    2 months ago
  • toughseo

    Sorry can not provide Old Work for client's privacy concerns

    2 months ago
  • abubakar31

    Not in top 100 so how do I contact you?

    1 month ago
  • pixelpi

    Hello There,

    I would like to discuss with you about my project. Will you please reach me by inbox?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    1 month ago
  • rodionu


    I want to rank my site but I'm not in the Top 100. Please contact me to further understand how you can help me.

    Best regards

    1 month ago
  • Jaxonelvish

    Interested please, send me the samples report

    1 month ago
  • afaijas

    hello please send me the sample work

    28 days ago
  • RCVE

    Hi can you inbox i want to ask i want to rank medium competitive keyword
    please inbox me so that i can send you keyword

    27 days ago
  • sharpAnt

    please share sample of your work.

    24 days ago
  • fernandosusanto

    please inbox me.. i want order your service . thank you

    13 days ago
  • iulick

    Hi, send me list of examples, please!

    4 days ago
  • StomperSEO

    May I know what can I get for Custom Order for $150 ?

    16 hours ago
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