• add 6000+ VIEW'S OR 200 COMMENTS
  • add 6000+ VIEW'S OR 200 COMMENTS
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User Ratings

  • dagudda1
    dagudda1 17 hours ago


    • afreenv

      One of the best buyers

  • 12xe14q
    12xe14q 4 days ago

    Completed the order swiftly and communicated well with the buyer!

    • afreenv

  • BiigFish
    BiigFish 5 months ago

    Last time when I have write negative comment , so many people gave me feedback which having same problems. You can find the seoclerk.com's owner gmail at bottom. Jordan is genuine man and believe that he will solve all of our problem. Please write him and send e mail what happened.

    Be careful while giving order from thiefs because I have lost all of my customers.


  • BiigFish
    BiigFish 5 months ago

    And not for just once. Scammer is marking all of my orders as completed BUT IT IS NOT. Saying again, without completing, they are saying completed and try to use the cliche " fluctuating". I am tracing my videos and they are not sending. Waiting the write time to catch you. This is their strategy.

    It is not quantum physics. Add order quantity to starting count. Still insisting have send ? WTF??

  • BiigFish
    BiigFish 5 months ago

    The reason why I have accepted is in the bottom. please read all.

    They are the worst seller in seoclerk. Here is what happened to my last more than 20 orders which still waiting.

    Firstly, they are Level X Liar. Because when you give a 10k or 100k,

    Even though order is NOT COMPLETED, they will mark as COMPLETED. And not for just once. Scammer is marking a
    ll of my orders as complet

  • alionaua
    alionaua 6 months ago

    Thank you! It was Youtube.. it kept showing me the wrong number of views. They have changed now. Have a great day!

  • dagudda1
    dagudda1 6 months ago

    i didn't get comments

    do i need to send a word file

Buyers Comments

  • bigsmall123

    will u provide all 1000 sites link where u summit my webisite link?

    4 years ago
  • pre10da

    Can you do this for $3 again?

    2 years ago
  • bayezid17

    if i have a facebook page ..then will you pease do it for like

    1 year ago
  • khaled21006

    thanx for your Great service
    you are fast and friendly person

    1 year ago
  • kosmophonix

    Are you able to dispatch also like for comment video of youtube?

    12 months ago
  • Juandsam

    Hi, have you of french accounts for the youtube comments ?
    if yes i can command now
    thanks for your answer.

    11 months ago
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