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What is Jingling?

It is a bot traffic exchange that runs in the background, probably the most used in the world, due to its convenience. If you have no idea what I just mentioned, visiting sites of other users and in return they visit yours! If you do not understand, here's one for you. Just take Jingling as a traffic generator.

Unlimited traffic and recognized by GOOGLE Analytics

Reliable, was installed and operating since 2008 No registration required, Improved Alexa Rank, unique international visitors, runs on Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Win7, Win8 TOTALLY virus free due to its SandBox security system!

User Ratings

  • dawnmarie62864
    dawnmarie62864 4 years ago

    as promised but be careful this is a repeat software others have for sell also

  • AnaBrazil
    AnaBrazil 4 years ago

    Excellent seller !!! Fast and 5 stars insurance.

    • Lucianodepaula

      Thank you !!!

Buyers Comments

  • AnaBrazil

    Excellent seller !!! Fast and 5 stars insurance.

    4 years ago
  • dnazo


    I have a bot installed on my computer called liuliangbao bot and I'm wanting to do a little extra money with an affiliate program of pictures !!!

    I do not have time to leave my computer switched on on all day for the bot work, so I was looking for someone to make this bot stay connected all day to generate an extra income for me!

    Can you help me ?

    3 years ago
  • Webynh1

    Ok I see its PC, I will try it. I hate PC stuff though....lol

    3 years ago
  • Reizon

    qual o name do sofwtare??

    2 years ago
  • vivek9024

    I want to purchase your package..
    Kindly tell me your service is available or not?

    4 months ago
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