• 100,000 Social Media Traffic Funnel + 50 Million Group Post Advertising Service
Roll up, roll up, ladies and gentleman for we have all your traffic and advertising needs met with our unique Traffic Funnel + 50 Million Group Post Advertising Service.

50+ Million Peoples can see your message and 100,000 people will visit your site!

We provide a phenomenally good and high quality professional social media advertising service on social networking sites with the most users. Now with our service you can tap into that and have your site/message shared to over 500,000,000 people and receive 100,000+ real social media visitors funneled directly to your site all in one awesomely useful service.

This is a 2 fold service, both have their own benefits. First you get your site/message etc shared to some of the biggest Groups + Communities that collectively have over 50,000,000+ users. Secondly you get 100,000 minimum social media visitors sent to your site too.

What you will get:

  • 100+ Biggest Group Posts to 50,000,000+ Users/People
  • 20+ Fanpage visitor message posts related to YOUR niche
  • 100+ Google+ Community posts in YOUR niche
  • 10+ Pinterest Community board pins matching YOUR niche
  • 3000+ Mixed Social Signals, Shares, Bookmarks etc (As an Extra)
  • 10 50+ Shoutouts & 20+ Sponsored Tweets to more people (As FREE BONUS!)
  • 100,000+ High Quality Social Media Visitors Website Traffic
  • Free work report provided upon completion
  • Free traffic tracking panel provided upon request
  • An excellent service & all round great experience
  • Professional expert marketing manager
  • Free Ad Copy (Promo Message) creation
  • Great Extras for more oomph and gusto!

How it all works, our guarantee and facts
  • We will post your message/link/video or anything to the biggest social media groups, pages, boards and more places related to YOUR site's niche.
  • We guarantee that up to or over 50 million people can see your site/product/service/video etc instantly and or in time as and and your posts will remain forever.
  • Over 50 million people can get a notification about your product/service/offer you give us to post in a moment or at some point in their timeline (provided they've not disabled email notification).
  • Over 50+ million people can get an email notification about the posts as they are subscribed too. So, it's like email marketing in a way. A double whammy!
  • Creates over 150+ 250+ powerful PR9 Social Media post backlinks that will last forever and IMPROVE your ranking positions and build authority to your site the older they get.
  • Creates and builds brand and product awareness to millions of people on the Internet where most of the people hanging out are today. Including your targeted audience!
  • Great for "growth hacking" and establishing yourself on Social Media which results in REAL visitors to your site as well as increasing your respect, trust and authority online.
  • All posts are manually created by real human hands, we don't use any bots or tools to do the posting work it's all manually done by us, real people with our own old real accounts.
  • Cheap and affordable price for REAL Social Media advertising service that targets the best places where you can find your targeted audience to over and over again.
  • Long time well known and highly rated/trusted and respected Level 3X SMO and SMM provider on here for SMM services like these so you/your business is in good hands.
  • Discount codes available for repeat orders/clients.
  • Get the service again at 50% off and just get the posts done only while your traffic still runs.
  • 100% natural and safe ranking effect in Google's eyes since it's just pure Social Media sharing.
  • A great SMO / SMM & SEO service for great people and businesses that need it!
UPDATE & NOTE: In some circumstances, due to things like changes in social media sites, demand on the system, orders in queue etc, for some orders, larger ones or those with Quick Delivery especially, we may substitute some things for other things instead. Such as groups for communities. These are equally as large and always related to YOUR website or business or whatever and we would always do more/extra to make up for it if needed. Such as throw in some other things too like some free bonus extra just to go the extra mile for you!
NEW UPDATE: This service just got Pack-A-Punched!
We're now providing much more exposure to many more people, pages, groups & communities than ever before with Shoutouts to over 500,000,000 people! Using old social media profiles and pages. Shoutouts on Top Social Networking sites including BIG Sponsored Tweets to thousands of followers and more coverage on more social media sites than before. All available in our recommended extras below to get more bang for your buck!
NEW UPDATE: 15/11/18: Order now and get FREE Bonus: 20 Big Sponsored Tweets! On Big/Old Twitter accounts: Your message/tweet/URL/hashtags etc.

Also new offer: New discount codes and freebies given to all new and returning clients! Buy and order now and get a 50% discount code for 50% off your next order!**

**You will get the posts done for you only (no extra traffic) unless you add some as an extra obviously.

Check the Benefits to our 100,000 Social Media Traffic Funnel + 50 Million Group Post Advertising Service

  • 100% real genuine people posting YOUR message
  • 100% real social traffic funneled to your site
  • 100% Google Adsense and network safe
  • 100% Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, and Fred safe
  • Drives Traffic and Builds Trust & Authority Online
  • All traffic fully trackable in Analytics and other tools
  • Improves your sites metrics and Alexa rating etc
  • Fully guaranteed or full money back guarantee
  • Traffic is sent gradually over about 30 days time
  • PR9 Social Media posts/backlinks that last forever
  • An all-in-one SMM service that keeps on giving
Types of Things You Can Promote with this Service

  • Websites - Helping to reach more of your targeted audience
  • Blogs - Gaining you more readers, subscribers and more
  • Videos - Peoples favorite thing is to watch online is videos!
  • Businesses - Get your new and or old business's booming
  • Brands - Great for growth hacking and brand building
  • Products - Many different people interested in many things
  • Services - Only way to get buyers is to advertise to buyers
  • People - If you're someone that matters or want to promote someone that does
  • Music - One of the best things to promote are music videos, songs etc
And so much more!

Do You Need MORE Promotion?

While we post to the King of all Social Media sites. The biggest Social Media sites today where most people are online. We can post to other big Social Media sites, groups, pages, communities too! In fact, we can and will search out those groups/pages/communities that are related to YOUR niche, but we can also post to more places for you in this service so you get a true full spectrum of social media promotion!

Now posting to Google+ Communities!

Google+ has had a facelift recently and it's still going strong! Some of the Google+ communities are truly massive now into millions of users. We will put your ad right into the faces of these people by posting to many many different Google+ Communities! These Google+ Communities have many thousands and some millions of followers and all see your post in the community, on their Google+ profile timeline and email and even get browser notification about it. We can post your links / message to many of these of the biggest Google+ Communities and those in your niche!

UPDATE: Google+ Communities are as large, if not larger than any other social media group and are often much more related to YOUR website, product etc and as such provide more targeted advertising than any other social media sites groups or communities. Also, more people are now using G+ than ever before making them very well sought after for webmasters, bloggers, affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs or anyone that wants to reach a lot of people quickly.

UPDATE: Google has announced that it will be "sun setting" (closing down) Google+ Communities down in August 2019. We are sure it will be replaced by something else some other "networky" thing. But when that happens, we wont be able to provide G+ community posts probably.

We will create 25 50 100+ unique Google+ Community posts
Don't let anyone tell you "nobody uses Google+ anymore". To them I say - Hello.. More people use it than ever before today! Some of the biggest Google+ communities have more members in them than FB groups do! On top of this, Google+ communities can be much more lazer targeted to your niche which makes them INVALUABLE for SEO and SMM! We'll post to 50+ of the biggest Google+ Communities related to your niche as possible in the standard service. Check out our extras though to have many more Google+ communities posted to.

Now posting to BIG Pinterest Community Boards!
We are exclusive and lucky members & collaborators of some Big Pinterest community boards. These are boards that have many many thousands of followers in them and things pinned to these boards can get repinned a lot and get more engagement than normal pins can. We'll pin your website/images or anything to them in this service and you can even order even more with our powerful Extras below.

Boost Your Website with Pinterest Traffic from Exclusive Big Community Boards!

Big Pinterest Community Board Posting
We will pin your link with a message to 10 BIG Pinterest Community Boards. In this service, (as service extra) we will pin your link to some very big Pinterest community boards. We will pin to boards in your niche and our general boards too. This will help you to reach a MUCH MUCH BIGGER audience! I am including my Pinterest Pin/Repin service $11 here at a cheaper price when purchased as an extra here!

Have your message, links, images, videos and message manually posted to them instantly by multiple aged accounts and real people! Get 100+ Biggest Social Media King Group posts, + 20+ Page posts related to your niche, and 50+ Google+ Community postings. + 10 Big Pinterest board pins w/ 100,000 Social Media users sent to your site all for one low price of $39!

Rules and Requirements
Please provide your site/URL and description to use when ordering.
You may use up to 2 URL's and have it split.
Traffic to 1 posts to the other.

Sites we accept/things you can post/use
Websites in any industry or language
Sites, Blogs, Videos, Social Pages etc

Sites we don't accept
x Anything not safe for work, (family friendly) illegal, adult, wares
x For traffic no shortened links, redirects, frame-breakers, exit page alert.


What Country Are The Groups Mostly in?
Most of the groups and pages that we post to are US based groups. About 70% US, 20% UK and rest Worldwide European countries.
How Much Traffic Will I Get?
A minimum of 100,000 visitors to hundreds more. We will send you 100,000 visitors from the biggest Social Media site but if your post that is shared to the groups is appealing it can go viral for a long time, get likes, comments etc and send traffic for years to come.
How Many Times Do You Post
In standard service 100ish posts on 100 of our biggest biggest groups. We can post to more bigger groups and are members of many big groups. Check out our powerful and recommended extras to get more posts, more promotion and traffic!
Do These Posts Show As Social Signals?
Yes they show up in Analytics as part of your Social Presence and as Shares/Likes and Comment social signals for any shares/likes & comments the posts get.
What is Allowed and Accepted and what is Not?
We will post anything Safe for Work. No adult/illegal stuff. You can post anything though, your website, blog, product, video, CPA offers, affiliate offers, Amazon stuff, your own social media profile or page etc, anything! Ask us first if unsure.
How Long Does it Take to Complete the Work?
The group posts are usually all done in a couple of days. Please give us at least 3 days to get back to you with a report. Average time from purchase to completion is 2-3 days. The traffic can be sent all at once or spread out over 7-30 days (default is 30 days). NOTE: If you order 1-4 weeks of posting, this will be done over that period.

*If you have any more questions please feel free to message me!

Money Back Guarantee
Order in confidence! Long time Level 3X Seller. We guarantee to do the work for you within 7 days and provide you proof of work after or we will fully refund you no questions asked. We will start working for you immediately and get back to you with a report in several days providing a full work report including all the posts links (Permalinks) in text file format. And in some cases screenshot proof too. As well as provide you with a high quality superior service you can depend and rely on if you want a 1st class service!

Have YOUR site or message shared to some of the Internet's BIGGEST Social Media Groups and Channels and receive 100,000 real live visitors for only $49! It's a no brainer!

Don't even hesitate!

Let's Get You Noticed!

Just place your order and we'll get started

You may add this service as many times as you want and likewise you may add any of our extras to your order as many times as you want as well. If you'd like quick delivery, we can do that for most orders provided you don't add a huge amount of extras too. (Obviously quick delivery doesn't work if you order 1 week of posting for example) If you'd like to order but have something else in mind, contact us and we'll work out a custom social media marketing service for you.

23/01/2018: Now including

  • 3000 mixed social signals in standard service.
We know how important these are and they go hand in hand with SMM so we'll add 3000 top 4 mixed social signals to your URL for you too! Extra signals on top of the signals for extra power and weight.

03/02/2018: Now including

  • 50 Shoutouts & 20 Sponsored Tweets to more people
  • Extra Social Media coverage (more sites posted to)
  • Several other powerful Extras to get you out there!
We'll use big Twitter accounts and get you multiple Tweets/Retweets etc. And provide extra promotion on other alternative social media sites like LinkedIn, Reddit, Tumblr, etc etc

And check out our new highly recommended extras!

Add extras to your order

If the seller fails to deliver the service in the specified time, the order will automatically cancel returning your funds.

Order Now ($49)
*includes the price of the service

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