Give You 700+ Biggest Social Media eBook Marketing Groups to Promote and Sell Your eBooks On for Life for $5

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Give You 700+ Biggest Social Media eBook Marketing Groups to Promote and Sell Your eBooks On for Life

Hello all Writers, Authors and eBook Publishers from Around the World!

Are you an Indie eBook Publisher or Reseller and Want to Send Floods of High Quality Lazor Targeted Traffic to All Your eBooks and Get More Views/Readers & Downloads??

Then You Need This List of 700+ of BIGGEST eBook Promotional and Advertising Groups to Plug Your eBook(s) On Today!

Mark Zuckerburg's Groups have been a massive cash cow to me. They are one of my go to places for generating free traffic and sales for CA$H!

I've been promoting eBooks on groups for about 3 years now. I promote my own eBooks and other peoples, Kindle or Nook eBooks etc. I've been using about 1000+ eBook groups to post and promote them on which I've joined over the years. It's resulted in tons of downloads and sales over the past few years.

Now with these eBook groups you can get a stream of real traffic to YOUR eBook download pages. All downloading your eBooks onto their eReaders and other eBook readers, mobile devices and desktops etc.

Do you sell eBooks on eBay, Amazon or other Marketplace and struggle to get downloads, readers, traffic and sales?

Then you need this list of the biggest eBook groups to promote your eBooks on and use an an additional traffic and revenue making channel!

This is a HUGE RESOURCE of hungry eBook readers just waiting to download & read your eBooks right now!

Total Number of Group Users: 3,418,911

These are the BIGGEST eBook and Kindle eBook related groups and some of them are VERY VERY active! Some of the groups have around 100,000 users. When you add up ALL of the users in ALL of the groups, it comes to well over 3.4 million users you can promote your eBooks to for FREE. And remember, these are GROUPS so unlike PAGES they don't limit the amount of people they can reach!

Now you can get MORE readers and MORE downloads of your PDF, Kindle or Nook eBooks. No matter what type of eBook it is or the format, you can find many groups with many users that will help you to get those downloads/readers it needs!

You Can Use These eBook Groups To

  • Promote & Sell Your Premium eBooks, Guides, Manuals etc
  • Promote & Sell ClickBank eBooks and Other Such Marketplace eBooks
  • Find Publishers, Independent Authors & Writers to Plus to/Collab with
  • Find People to Network & Collaborate with in your Market Area
  • Promote & Giveaway Free eBooks and Get many many Downloads
  • Scout for & Find Free eBooks and Resources to Download
  • Get a Stream of High Quality Traffic Whenever You Need it

And yes that includes both eBooks and hardback books. Some of the groups allow you to post REAL books as well so you can also promote them too. No matter what kind, format or genre of eBook you have. Whether its fact or fiction, a guide or training manual, whatever! You can and will find many groups to use to improve your readership with!

Just join, wait to be approved and then post.

NOTE: This is a VERY powerful resource and should be used wisely!
Follow these simple do's and don'ts and you will succeed faster and for longer.

Do's and Don'ts
- Don't join too many groups all at once else you might get jailed for a while.
- Don't ever post to the same group too much all at once or in one day.
- Don't ever post low quality posts that look like a blatant plug.
- Don't spam the life out of these groups and abuse them.
- Don't keep posting the same thing over and over. Mix it up.
- Don't use the same account to post with. Use different accounts if possible.

- Do make sure to read each groups rules if any and always abide by them.
- Do try to engage with other group members posts so you're not seen as a post and go self promoter!
- Do use Call-To-Actions in your posts such as telling people to do something or asking a question about something.
- Do try to mix up what you're posting so you're not using the same description/links/images over and over again.
- Do keep posting regularly to see REAL results that will make you laugh all the way to the bank!

NOTE: Suffice to say, I've spent a very long time collating this list together like this in this format for your convenience. It will save you many hours of searching and sorting. And either kick start your eBook marketing success and results or help your already budding eBook success story to happen much faster and bigger than before.

That all said, now you know what you're getting and how it can help you. All you need to do now is purchase and download this list and start immediately using them!

Price is just $5.00 for this list with instant download.

As soon as you purchase this item, it will be attached to download instantly.
The file comes in several format so that you can open however you want.
It's listed by biggest groups first so you can join the biggest ones first.

You will get
  • eBook Groups.xlsx
  • eBook Groups.csv
  • eBook Groups.pdf
  • eBook Groups.html
  • ebook-groups-list.txt

Approximately 700+ eBook Related Groups for Writing, Publishing, Marketing & Networking, Self Publishing & eBook Marketing Purposes!

To Your Success!


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