• 54+ Premium Responsive AWESOME Wordpress Themes+ 33+ Addons + Updates
  • 54+ Premium Responsive AWESOME Wordpress Themes+ 33+ Addons + Updates
  • 54+ Premium Responsive AWESOME Wordpress Themes+ 33+ Addons + Updates
54+ Wordpress Themes + 33 Addons + Updates 4 LIFE!!


User Ratings

  • misel
    misel 2 years ago

    Excellent! Thank you.

  • ikutkontesseo
    ikutkontesseo 2 years ago

    Dear Exjordanary.
    I would like to ask about my password that you should give to me to access the WP Themes that I buy form you.
    Please reply my message ASAP, because I need to use it right now.

    • exjordanary

      Please check your Inbox since this Order "Auto-Completes", I can only message you there, or here (as Feedback). All info sent to your inbox here at SEOClerks

  • Crown1ew
    Crown1ew 2 years ago

    Hello Mate,

    I Do not like the fact you seem to think i am dishonest, and you think i am trying to get some think for free, your very very wrong, i am now downloading your themes, so thank you, it is nice to get some think for my money, this problem came to my attension, when you delivered this order the 1st time, with the pass word etc, i gave every think you delivered to my wed site designer, and she told me that all you delivered to me were PDF files, so that is why i was forced to h

    • exjordanary

      I apologize, but please understand that there are many thieves on this Site, hence my reason for the Password, which give access to a PDF File. If your Web Designer would have opened the PDF File, they would have seen it contained the DOWNLOAD LINKS to EVERYTHING.

  • salesboost
    salesboost 3 years ago

    Thank you exjordanary, you're such an extraordinaire.... 100% satisfaction with this order

    Thank you!

  • irdwick
    irdwick 3 years ago

    ok thanks. great job.

  • liekens
    liekens 3 years ago

    Nice job thanks

    My best Regards


  • Vankutt
    Vankutt 4 years ago

    Excellent! Instant delivery. Fast. Complete. I recommend this seller.

  • JimJames
    JimJames 4 years ago

    Fantastic deal for the $$!! Seller very very helpful and went well above and beyond to make sure everything was done right! The WP files themselves are a FREAKING STEAL at this price! Seriously! I've bought 100s of WP Themes over the years and nothing else comes close for quality and price!
    I will definitely check out more jobs from Exjordanary!

  • shahidamin
    shahidamin 4 years ago

    Awesome themes and add-ons, I recommend every one to buy these themes from the best seller on seoclerks. Great communication and after sale support. I will defiantly look at the other services you offer and purchase those as well in future.

  • ghomveld
    ghomveld 4 years ago

    Thanks. Excellent collection of themes - easy to install and I love the builder that comes with the themes. The themes are also very easy to customize and there's definitely templates for any niche and any type of website. Thanks!!

  • SureBro
    SureBro 4 years ago

    Very fast seller and very good support! Amazing.

  • lionelba590
    lionelba590 5 years ago

    Ok let's wait a little bit cause today the video is ranking lower and showing later in the list then when you've started then before you've started

    • exjordanary

      That's not just your Video, nor is it our Service. Please read up Youtube's latest HERE so you have an understanding of the "Big Picture". Your Video didn't get Removed or Flagged did it? You're welcome.

  • aleqyanhovik
    aleqyanhovik 5 years ago

    Brilliant work! In first days I couldn't see any changes but then it just blew my views count to 100,000+ 100% Satisfaction. Thank you very much for this service .

Buyers Comments

  • Vivadh

    Dear ExJ ..

    Sending you PM .. I am interested.


    5 years ago
  • hmertuygun

    do you have any law & attorney themes?

    3 years ago
  • jennilee

    Hello, i just bought this, but there was some error that i cant go to the page where i can submit my requirements to you. Hope that you saw my order

    3 years ago
  • billiving

    Hi there,
    We wish to migrate our current blog into WordPress.

    This is the current blog:

    We'd like to have a clean look theme similar to this site:

    1. Can you recommend a theme?
    2. We have our own hosted WP on azure. How soon can you set it up?

    We would also need to support the same link structure so content can be migrated safely.

    3 years ago
  • govirtualfriday


    I would like a one page, parallax type wordpress theme for my freelancer/portfolio site. My hosting site is ipage.com

    I am looking at a similar theme like LATTE. Can you help?

    3 years ago
  • exjordanary

    Have u explored the Theme Demos at: www.WpSEO.xyz ?? In particular the "Parallax" Theme? All themes include the exact Demos you see when you click on each Labeled Tile.
    They also each include several 'Portfolio' Layouts.
    Everything is completely Customize-able and easy to edit.
    Then, u simply click 'save' and you've got your own Fully functioning website.

    3 years ago
  • Belle91

    I am afraid I don't understand is it that I just buy the service and that's it I get to download my plugins? What is required of me do you need anything?

    3 years ago
  • exjordanary

    Any requirements are give on the Order page once you order - But unless you need Customization, nothing is required.

    2 years ago
  • cocodi

    Hello Friend,

    I am trying to access to your website http://www.wpseo.xyz but it is down. I just wanted to see if you include any cosmetic ecommerce premium themes? Please let me know if you do and please send me the demo links.

    Thank you

    2 years ago
  • easi23

    Is X theme included in your bundle?

    2 years ago
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