Give you scripts for your google sheet for $1

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Give you scripts for your google sheet

If you are using Google sheets and want to manipulate data via GAS then you are on the right place.

I'll write a professional GAS to help you automate all your tasks using technologies like:

  • Sheets
  • Docs
  • Drive
  • Gmail

The scope of the tasks that can be done with GAS is very broad, it can
include data processing in a spreadsheet or generating a report to send
via email and many more actions across the suite of applications offered
by Google

Examples of some tasks:

Data processing:
  1. Copy data from one to other tab
  2. Delete column/rows, Add column/rows, set formating of some cells

Manipulate Data
  1. Making calculations
  2. Send automatic emails/SMS and read emails from Gmail account
  3. Perform quick actions onEdit a sheet

Maintain Inventory:

  1. Google Form/Dynamic web form to enter data into sheet and then convert this data into G Doc (on a prescribe template) or PDF
  2. Convert sheets to Excel, PDF and CSV formats
  3. Making entries into G Calendar from G sheet
  4. Upload files into G Drive with a form
  5. Connect to cloud /sql server from G sheet

And much more according to client's requirements


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