Google Keyword SERP & Authority BL's Tier 3 Boost for $50

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Google Keyword SERP & Authority BL's Tier 3 Boost

Increase your Keywords on Google with organic search traffic and high authority backlinks (Tier 3).
This service is invented to help you, to get a better position on Google, with your Keywords, and I’m assuming that’s why you’re here for.

So what do we provide? In first place

We mixed two services for you. This resulted in the following:

Search Traffic:
Our crowdsourced SERP Network ( will raise the position of your Keyword's. Our organic search traffic system has been specially developed for this purpose.

Your Keyword will be searched on Google by our click members. They will get paid per click, based on the country of their IP address. We track all clicks through our browser extensions. All members in our traffic network, are verified and were through a security check. You can be sure that all members are real human and no fakes! And they only get paid if they visit your site through Google with your keyword, and then they have to stay on your site for 120 sec. (2 min.) to 180 sec. (3 min.) and visit min. 3 sub sites. Average of the visit duration is: 150 sec. and 4 sub sites visited.

High DA Link Building:
The SEO branch has changed in the last year. If you are trying to build a lot of back-links for your website and the keywords are not moving, then your links have no quality. That's where we come in.

We are going to provide you with some juicy high DA backlinks to boost your website authority and your SERP's. We will provide a Tier3 Link Pyramid that is Google Panda & Penguin Safe and Human readable articles (in english) which help to get rank your keywords quickly. All our backlinks are built manually with only High PR sites and use unique contents. That's the KEY Google really want. Our backlink strategy is Panda and Penguin friendly! Your website is safe with us and not a single spam link will be build for you. Each and every back-link will carry high quality.

- 20 BL's from Articles- 200 Wíki Links- 3000 Blog Comments (good for links juice)
- 50 Profile Links (< PR9)- 20 Web Directory
- 30 BL's from Micro-blogs- 20 Social Bookmarks
- 50 BL's from Social Networks
- 30 Web 2.0 with Quality Spun Articles

Our Service:
Our service gives you direct control over your Keyword's. Furthermore, our organic search traffic also has a positive influence on your MOZ Authority. So if you want to get a better position for your Keywords on, order our service and boost your Keyword's!

What we provide:
- Searches for your Keywords on for 30 days (av. 100 to 200 a day).
- The visitors will stay for 120 sec. to 180 sec. and visit up to 5 sub sites on your website.
- All visitors will come from USA/Canada in this offer. If you want a other Country, check EXTRAS.
- The high quality DA Link Building and Search Traffic will help to rank your keywords better on Google!
- The visitors from the back-links can not be controlled by us, so it's up to your site, if they buy or sign up!

Requirements for cooperation:
We will not accept Sites that promote hate, contain pornography, promote racism or spamming of any kind. We reserve the right to disapprove any Site that we feel does not sufficiently meet our standard of quality.

- If you don't use Google Analytics, no problem, but we do NOT provide or or similar shortener stats !!!

We need:
- Your URL (Website address)
- Up to 3 keyword or phrases that are among the top 100 on (Check your Keywords here)
- If you want your keyword in your language, please check our EXTRAS for the countries we provide.

- No Affiliate URLs
- No Shortened URLs
- No Youtube/Vimeo Videos
- No Direct Download URL's !
- No Websites that contain or promote illegal content.

We guarantee:
- NO sales, sign ups, click on banner ads!
- That all visitors will visit your site through Google with your keywords and move on your site and sub sites.
- That you will see the result of our Link Building and get an report from us after we finished the back linking.


Is this guaranteed to work ?
If anyone offers you a guarantee in the search engine optimization business, run away as fast as possible. There are no guarantees in SEO, unless you happen to own Google. There are innumerable factors that can affect search engine rankings. And, realistically, most sites should focus their efforts on traditional SEO before even thinking about using non-traditional techniques.

But does it work ?
While backlinks and content remain the dominant factor in SEO, over the past couple of years Google seems to have been moving towards user feedback signals like engagement, retention and bounce rates. We believe Google will continue to move away from external signals like backlinks and move more towards user experience signals. This seems to have already been done with YouTube. Remember how YouTube videos used to be ranked based on thumbs up, view count and comments? Now it's all about user experience. If someone leaves the video instantly, it ranks lower. If they watch the full view, it ranks higher. We think the same things are being applied in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

What does the SEO industry thing about this ?
In 2014, Moz's Rand Fishkin ran a CTR case study which moved his site from #7 to #1 in less than 3 hours by sending clicks to his organic search results. These were real people, making real clicks. This was the first real indication that click through rate (CTR) was a factor that could heavily move organic results in the SERPs.

What should I do to increase my Keywords ?
There are a number of things you can do on your own. Optimizing your Title and meta tags. Optimizing your on-page content to increase engagement. Optimizing your site structure, to ensure each page is highly matched to target specific (and, ideally, long-tail) keywords. And, of course, a million other things you can do from an SEO-perspective that are well beyond the scope of these FAQs.

How can SERP24 help ?
We are the world’s first and only crowd-sourced searching platform where website owners pay our pool of thousands of clickers to search their keyword and visit their website, driving organic traffic to your site and boosting your Keywords.

Is there a risk to use your service ?

All SEO efforts can involve an element of risk. Some techniques are certainly more risky than others. SERP24 employs real human clickers, so we think our service is far less risky than trying to use automated or robotic click methods. But, like all SEO strategies, there is an element of risk because Google’s algorithm is unknown and subject to change at any time.

What kind of sites can benefit from this service ?
Our service can only be used on sites ranking in the top 100 results. Keywords that receive a low search count but are lucrative to rank for will have the most benefit. Keywords like "New York DUI Lawyer" have a low search count but a very high commercial intent. Long tail keywords have seen great results.

What do you do exactly ?
Users search for your keyword phrase on Google. Then they scroll down and navigate the search results pages until they find your site. They will click on your URL to visit your site. Once on your site, they will scroll up and down and remain on the page and sub pages for approximately 120 to 180 seconds. At no point will they ever click the back button. When they are finished they will exit the tab, without returning to Google.

Why is your service better than others on the market ?
Our competitors use bots and automated programs to simulate clicks. SERP24 is the only option on the market that sends real human visitors to your website. We have a pool of tens of thousands of clickers who we pay individually to complete your click orders. There is no other service that offers this amazing and complex crowd-sourced system.

We employ a number of proprietary methods to ensure that all of our clickers are real humans with real, high-quality IP addresses - no robots, VPN's or proxies are ever allowed. Many people are searching for organic traffic bots or Google search bots, but not only does this not work, it can backfire and cause harm. SERP24 is not a bot, but a crowdsourced pool of real human clickers who we micro pay.

Does your service appear in Google Analytics ?
Yes. Since our traffic is all real people, our traffic appears in all analytics software. You will be able to verify that your orders are being filled, and see each and every visitor.

- If you have further questions, are you always welcome to contact me through INBOX.

What's included

Search Engine TrafficBanner AdsMobile Traffic


Keyword traffic visitors serp google boost


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