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Competitive prices for start-up, government agency, business without a web presence and personal website design. Provide website maintenance (low as $79.00/mthly) for existing website design, development an e-commerce infrastructure:

We have a solution for It All For You!

Begin today and your website will be ready in one week!

up to 10 Pages: Website Design $349 with private Hosting for one Year!.

""""This Listing include the 5-10 Pages Web Design Services***

  1. Design professional website for you.
  2. Customized copy, professional design, and a search optimized website.
  3. Provide real-time tracking once your website goes live
  4. We publish your website and track all activity through a scorecard, call us and we'll make changes for you each month.
  5. We put your website in all the places customers go online.
  6. Submit Your business in hundreds of listings.

Additional Website Design Services:

Customize Website Design Starting from $1,250.00
E-Commerce Website Design Start from $1,750.00
Website Maintenance Starting @ $79.99/Monthly

Some of our work
  7. and many more.

Other Programming/ Development options
  1. Custom Application Development
  2. E-commerce Suites
  3. Design Studio
  4. Application Prototyping / UX
  5. Web Content Management
  6. Business Process Outsourcing
  7. Web Hosting
  8. Video Editing
  9. Maintenance Mobile Website Included Mobile website.

We can create a mobile website that may work on major mobile platforms. we've case studies we will share with you, if you are fascinated by be accessible whereas you are sleeping.

What we have a tendency to do?

Get your business needs.
Get your approval on the mobile development needs.
Move to Mobile development
Then Testing,

Working on a secure app, like a banking or payment app, Mastercopy Mobile Development team cares a way to secure your ‘data' that's moving electronically. knowledge and coding for mobile devices like, login info or secure tokens should development with secure standards to assure the simplest result and best practices.

When doing a mobile development vulnerabilities should be important! Reports has been fabricated from however insecure mechanical man is thanks to the info transfer not obtaining patched within the same degree as iOS.

Going wireless? we have a tendency to style refined wireless solutions for enterprise, communication, communal networking and diversion.
  1. we have a tendency to focus in mobile purchasers to internet services and world wide internet portals
  2. we have a tendency to focus in mobile purchasers to internet services and world wide internet portals
  3. we have a tendency to evolve autonomous wireless submissions
  4. we have a tendency to construct end-to-end quality answers

Our experience competence wrappings iOS, Android, Windows phone and Blackberry. we have a tendency to area unit skillful in wireless internet with a selected aim on HTML5 answers.

wireless App + world wide internet Service in face

Customized Mobile Development Services.

We contains a nice mobile application development services that starts at $349 & Up. Our Mobile development can work on all mobile devices such IPhones, IPads, Androids and Tablets. Do Miss a buying deal as a result of you are not within the palm of your client's hand.

Rising practicality and facts and figures to wireless equipment

Mastercopy helps businesses started wireless get access to practicality and facts and figures equipped by their back-end programs. we have a tendency to deliver native wireless applications seamlessly connected to a web service, enterprise application or informational on-line quality.

Our wireless expertise permits finishing the objectives in a very fast time of domains used with numerous facts and figures / content varieties and their blends:
  1. enterprise facts and figures
  2. newspapers content
  3. money facts and figures
  4. Geographical positioning facts and figures
  5. facts and figures obtained from hardware equipment
  6. Context

We typically summarize 2 major business forms associated with a wireless client-service answer. the excellence is created wishing on what's within the center from the user’s viewpoint.

expanding User expertise and repair get access to by supply Mobile emptor

Generally, a wireless shopper is that the continuation of AN living verified on-line service or an enterprise application. it's aimed toward supplementing price by advancing shopper expertise and accessibility selections. The objectives area unit clear ― to conceive a comparable advantage for AN e-business internet submission or boost field procedures’ potency for AN enterprise quality answer.

To do well during this kind the developer should be terribly agile in comprehending enterprise priorities and reasoning and, from the experience perspective, practiced in application integration and facts and figures interchange.

Construction End-to-end Solutions
Aligned Around wireless practicality

Fast-moving mobile technologies supply new opportunities and inspire innovative thinking. As critical the opposite kind, here the key business value is delivered by the wireless resolution itself, whereas a world wide world wide internet service functioning within the background is sort of invisible to the shopper. This extremely implies that the thought of a mobile app arrives 1st however the implementation needs efforts not simply to evolve the wireless app however rather to conceive a seamless end-to-end answer that will comprehend made-to-order world wide internet service development, third-party programs integration and innovative technology.

We support each of the recounted models. Our ability in mobile development is supplemented with solid skills in world wide internet submission development and submission integration, and broad enterprise ability.

Online Services

We create native mobile applications seamlessly integrated with world wide world wide internet services or informational on-line assets. Our ability wrappings:

  1. Social Media
  2. Media Content Distribution
  3. money Services
  4. on-line sport and wagering
  5. Innovative Mobile-centric Solutions

We assist each established enterprises and determined startups uncover the benefits of recent wireless shopper ability.

  1. communal business
  2. increased Reality
  3. Advanced Graphics process
  4. Location-based Apps
  5. Cloud Computing in Back-end
  6. Corporate enterprise Applications

Designs enterprise quality answers carrying company software: Accounting, CRM, enterprise Intelligence, ECM, Inventory administration etc.
  1. electrical devices Forms and Catalogs
  2. Barcodes process & RFID support
  3. facts and figures image
  4. Task Management
  5. Digital Assets Management

From verification of notion to measure programs

Our full cycle services get real implication once conversing concerning AN innovative task. we provide an intelligent approach from the terribly early stages to mitigate dangers and increase the event technique.

Strategic Technology conferring
Consistent design style
In-depth wireless App Prototyping
paradigm Usability checking

We offer 2 sorts of services for people who search for terribly fast and efficient production on wireless devices.

1. planning and optimizing websites for wireless browsing

2. Mobile HTML5 submissions with native-like shopper expertise

Our customers perpetually advantage from Iflexion’s advanced world wide world wide internet development ability.

Mobile world wide world wide internet professionals …

The factual advantage of mobile internet is its natural traverse platform compatibility. This decreases charges for development of multiple wireless platforms on wireless front significantly. wireless internet holds all the benefits the net experience has matching to fat client-server design.

In most cases no mobile transfer / installation is required
Easier to sustain, improve and update ― revisions area unit directly productive on the user’s edge sustained on the unconditional majority of smartphone devices
In our follow a wireless world wide internet Answer is commonly ordered complementary to an iOS native app (targeting 2 precise equipment ― iPhone/iPad) to support a range of mechanical man, Windows phone, Blackberry or Symbian smartphones.
wireless world wide internet may be a perfect account on-line knowledge resources like news portals wherever easy navigation and unidirectional knowledge flow (source to user) prevail.

… and Cons

The foremost concern associated once conversing concerning choosing wireless world wide internet is that you just will miss the shopper ability provided by the equipment for native apps ― feel and skid navigation ability, feedback mechanics like vibration and noise, gyro physics, etc.

• to beat (at smallest partially) this dispute Mastercopy consigns wealthy HTML5 wireless solutions encompassing location-based apps and solutions supporting offline mode.

Share your objectives with America ― and that we can produce, conceive and launch the correct account your precise scenario.
Autonomous Mobile Applications
Defining Autonomous App

By autonomous submissions we have a tendency to mean submissions that themselves encapsulate the most enterprise reasoning and practicality. Apps might broadcast with an internet server to exchange parts of information or with AN app store to induce updates however the kernel practicality is performed right the wireless equipment. smart demonstrations of such apps area unit offline sport, compact enterprise apps, wireless gadgets and utilities, etc.


Our ability in evolving autonomous mobile submissions permits overwhelming wireless development challenges like computer screen persistence, hardware performance limitations and equipment diversity. we have a tendency to planned feature-rich mobile apps in a very reasonably domains:
  1. increased Reality
  2. amusement
  3. advocating sport
  4. Task administration
  5. wireless Utilities
  6. Product Development Outsourcing

We boasts you a transparent approach to development that is distinct from made-to-order development in composition and delivery management. A wireless merchandise that you just can deal or leverage as one more competitive profit can take the foremost of our project administration, development, and quality promise processes.

fast experience summary


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