add 50.000 minutes to hitleap premium account for $16

add 50.000 minutes to hitleap premium account

I'll adding minute to your premium Hitleap account.

1)Q: Can you add minute to regular account?
A: No, I can't. Adding minutes to regular account take a long time.

2) How long does it take to delivery
A: It depends on how two things
- How many minutes do you want to add?
- How many slots does your Hitleap account has?

Average, one slot can earns 1300-1400 minutes per day. So I has a formula calculation:
Time delivery (day) = Total minutes want to add / (Total slots of your hitleap account * 1300) + 1 day
eg: I want to add 100k minutes to premium account which has 5 slot. So Time delivery is 100k/(5*1300) + 1 = 8,6 days


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