Create, Setup, Run, and Optimize your Google Ads Campaigns for $35

Create, Setup, Run, and Optimize your Google Ads Campaigns

I have 8 years of experiences in Digital marketing, especially in managing & optimizing PPC campaigns like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. I also had Google Ads Search certification, Google Ads Display certification and Google Ads Mobile certification. You can hire me on hourly, monthly, or one-time management for a low rate of $15/hour.

I will create, run and optimize your Google Ads or Facebook Ads Campaigns effectively to get the maximum results

I can set up Google Ads Campaigns only if your website, products or services are in compliance with the Google Adwords policy

Some fields or website contents that I will NOT set up such as adult content, bet, gambling, drugs, alcohol, medications, cryptocurrency, political, etc. I will provide you effective and high-quality services in Google Ads by optimizing factors below if needed:

  1. Current website analysis
  2. Current Campaigns settings
  3. Ad Groups analyzing
  4. Keywords & Keyword match types optimizing
  5. Negative Keywords adding if necessary
  6. Setting up the right Audiences
  7. Setting up the right Location
  8. Choosing an effective Bidding Strategy
  9. Suggesting the suitable daily or lifetime Budget
  10. Suggesting the right Ad Schedule
  11. Setting up the preferable Devices (Mobile/Tablet/PC)
BASIC: Google Ads Search Campaign
  • Keyword Research
  • Landing page Research
  • 1 Campaign Setup & Optimization
  • 2 Ads Groups
  • 4 Ad Creative Copies
  • 6 Ad Extensions
  • 3 Days Delivery
  • Ongoing Management
STANDARD: Google Ads Search & Display Campaign
  • Keyword Research
  • Landing page Research
  • 2 Campaign Setup & Optimization
  • 4 Ads Groups
  • 8 Ad Creative Copy
  • 8 Ad Extensions
  • Negative Keywords
  • 5 days delivery
  • Ongoing Management
PREMIUM: Search & Display & Remarketing Campaign
  • Keyword Research
  • Landing page Research
  • 3 Campaign Setup & Optimization
  • 6 Ads Groups
  • 12 Ad Creative Copy
  • 10 Ad Extensions
  • Negative Keywords
  • 7 days delivery
  • Ongoing Management
I'm always available here to answer any of your questions. Don't hesitate to contact me for any inquiry before placing an order.

Questions & Answers

1. What info should I provide you when ordering?
You just need to provide me your Google Ads Customer ID (XXX-XXX-XXXX). Then I will send you an invitation to have the right on your account to start setting up.

Other useful information you should provide me too, if possible
Your targeted country
Your website URL
Your daily budget

2. How do you get access to my Google Ads account?
By granting the permission, I will create, setup, and manage campaigns on your account. You do not need to provide your Google Ads login information.

3. I don't have the Google Ads account, can you create one for me?
Yes, I can help you to do this. But you need to provide me some information such as your Gmail, your website, country,...Please contact me to create an account before ordering.

4. How much daily budget should I spend on the campaign(s)?
It depends on your total budget and your business. However, I would recommend starting at $10 - $30 and increase later.

Note your Google Ads account should be funded enough to have the campaign live.

5. Do you guarantee to get Sales or Leads after setting up the campaigns?
No. My service doesn't guarantee sales or leads. It's out of my control. The sales process involves many factors that aren't in my hand. I ensure that you will receive the right campaign setup, creative ads, as well as the right audiences and target for your business.

6. How do you provide the output?
I will provide you the output/report in the CSV Excel file so that you can upload the file directly in Google Ads Editor or Google Ads website.

7. Do you upload the campaign to my Google Ads account?
Yes, I can. You just need to provide me the Google Ads Customer ID then I can upload the campaign to your account


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Quick 2 day delivery
If the seller fails to deliver the service in the specified time, the order will automatically cancel returning your funds.
STANDARD: Google Ads Search & Display Campaign 3 days $50
PREMIUM: Search & Display & Remarketing Campaign 5 days $70

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