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Hello everyone,

I am offering you my service, I want to sell 20K Ultra Hitleap Hits(not minutes but real hits) hits for $6 . You can use this premium traffic to send a quality traffic to your new website, blog, or even video site. So go ahead and contact me first before you want to buy, if you don't I may cancel your order.


1. Where the traffic source come from? , Can customed daily?

Traffic sources can be selected between DIRECT, REFERRER URL, SEARCH KEYWORD and SOCIAL MEDIA. Source of traffic can be set from organic search google, youtube social media, facebook, reddit, twitter, Vkontakte, Instagram, Linkedin, Tumblr, and referral backlink from other quality websites.

You can set the daily hits limit at least 100 hits per day per slot. The traffic will be stopped automatically when Total Hits maximum is reached. You will get either between 40 seconds up to 60 seconds per visit/hits.

2. Can i get traffic from anwyhere?

Yes, the latest ultra hitleap pack has custom geolocation facilities to select the country's source of traffic and also bounce rate reduction feature. This is the geolocation option for the visitors:

ASIA: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Singapore, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, India, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam

AMERICA: United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, Venezuela

AFRICA: Egypt, Morocco

EUROPE: Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Turkey, United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Ukraine

3. What about the bounce rate feature?

Yes, this feature is safe one, Hitleap ultra package have this feature which means that each of your visitors will visit at least 2 pages of your website so it will give your site a low bounce rate with. For his direct visit bounce rate usually below 35%.

4. Is this good for google serp and alexa?

One of the main benefits of this premium website traffic is to increase google index and increase alexa ranking. Please note that Alexa update website rank in about 4-6 weeks

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