500 words well researched, friendly and fantastic blog post. for $2

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500 words well researched, friendly and fantastic blog post.

The main aim of the service is to provide you with a short and resourceful blog post. As a blogger, you will definitely agree with me that there are some topics that does not need much words, as visitors may become weary of reading and may eventually leave your website. For this reason I have come to offer you a service that will keep your readers asking for more.
please check out for the important features.
1. Conversation tone.
The best thing for a blog post is to keep it simple and friendly. I aim at providing you with a blog post that will serve as a counselor or teacher for your audience, solving and answering their questions.
2. Fun.
I promise to add funny comments at some point of the blog post. For example, oh my God, so cool, too simple, thanks goodness.
3. Keywords research.
This article will contain keywords in the topic that will definitely makes it available for readers whenever those keywords are typed into Google search box.
4. Concise.
short and mind blowing.
5. Reliable.
you can fully rely on the facts provided within the blog.
6. Topics.
i write on all topics except for smoking, porn, and gambling related articles.
7. Discounts.
The more you order, the more the discounts.


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Order for 30 blog posts 60 days $55
Order for 15 blog posts 30 days $27
Order for 5 blog posts 10 days $8

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