Fast Delivery - for 3 Months - Windows VPS 4 Core CPUs 8 GB RAM 160 GB SSD for $25

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Fast Delivery - for 3 Months - Windows VPS 4 Core CPUs 8 GB RAM 160 GB SSD

Windows VPS hosting

Windows VPS hosting offers users the ability to have part of a web server for themselves, being cheaper than running your own dedicated server and yet giving you better resources than a virtual hosting account (also commonly referred to as a shared hosting account). A Windows VPS hosting account will typically come with a certain amount of dedicated or guaranteed RAM and a maximum amount of burstable RAM. The burstable RAM is also an important feature since this is your headroom for busy times and when you need to run an application for a short period of time that is memory intensive. , while the guaranteed RAM is the minimum amount you will always have for your windows VPS hosting account for a better explanation of what RAM is

Your Windows VPS account will also need storage space for your files and websites and this is typically a slice of the total storage available on the server. The advantage of this as opposed to having an entire hard drive is that yours will receive storage space that will most likely be protected by RAID 1 or better. A RAID 1 configuration is when to or more hard drives are mirrored making them redundant and in-case of a drive failure you still have all your data. Best of all the data will still be accessible by the rest of the world. Generally redundant hard drive systems are far more expensive than using just one drive and in many cases this feature alone on a dedicated server will cost as much as your Windows VPS hosting account.

Get Windows VPS

for $25 you will Get :

`a VPS RDP Windows

- 4 Core CPUs

- 8 GB RAM

- 160 GB SSD

- Using Digital OCean DATACENTER Platform (More Faster than OVH, COntabo)

- THIS VPS IS ONLY RUNNING IN 90 Days (3 Months)

- Guarantee Replace

- Windows Server 2012/2016

- Location USA / EU / Germany / SG


Supported VPN : avast,express,vypr

if you are use NORD VPN & HMA --> USE TEAMVIEWER

USE TEAMVIEWER if you want to use VPN in VPS/RDP


- Change Configuration on Windows Firewall and Network Connection

- Mining, Hacking, Torent, Download and Upload in Large Size

- VPS is not Support Android Emulator


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