Custom Bot Development to Automate any Vitual Task for $20

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Custom Bot Development to Automate any Vitual Task

Imagine an army of bots working for you 24 hours & completing your everyday tasks from account creation to traffic generations!

No one want to do repetitive tasks every day. Checking email, sending email, logging in a website, or collect data, all of these are monotonous and boring. So if a sophisticated bot/robot do all of those work for you, how cool this will be!
In business web automation will reduce production time and increase your business productivity overnight.
Suppose you have a job or business, where you have to monitor certain data in a website and mail it to your superior or client every hour or minute
– to complete the task

Normally you have to

  1. Login to the website —5 mins
  2. Open the exact url - 1 min
  3. Wait for the data – 3 mins
  4. Copy the data – 2 mins
  5. Paste in email – 1 mins
  6. Write the email- 10 mins
  7. Send the email- 1 min

You need minimum 23 minutes+concentration+manual labor to complete these simple tasks. What about a sophisticated, Artificial intelligence integrated software which will complete all of above actions within a minute!
This is just one scenario; there are hundreds of situations where you need automation.

Our technology for Automation:

  • Auto Account creation (Registration, Signup)
  • Auto Data entry(login, form filling)
  • Complex decision making upon statements (analysis, research)
  • Scraping(Scraping webdata from anywhere on internet, Reading data field)
  • Data manipulation
  • Data store in database or file
  • Image reorganization
  • Flash, flex, javascript automation
  • Email sending retrieving
  • Auto Captcha solving
  • Proxy Support
  • Much more

Run your business on AutoPilot. Reduce manual labor . Increase Production by 100% over night. Order Now.


Custom Bot Web Automation


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