Massive 20 Web 2.0 Link Wheel and Tier 2 Tumblr Proven Ranking Strategy for $80

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Massive 20 Web 2.0 Link Wheel and Tier 2 Tumblr Proven Ranking Strategy

This is for rankers looking to rank in style. Meet the new Premium Link Wheel SERVICE.There isn’t a service out there like it. For serious serious ranking on the search engines.

This service is for serious rankers.If you want to hit the Google no. 1 position for your selected keyword and stay there you need quality.This service is top quality. These are premium Web 2.0 backlinks done the right way.

HOW IT WORKS:First of all we write 20 articles That’s correct, you get 20 hand written completely unique articles.

Each article will be a minimum of 500 words in length, anything less will result in poor quality and that is what we do not want. We use our experienced bloggers to write the content. The content is hand written, it will be 100% Copyscape passed.

All articles are hand typed, there will be no spun content at all on Tier 1.You get the full use of my VA’s here. I have tried and tested them and they work really well.

My content writers are top class. When your order is started my team will start with your content right away.

Unique hand written content is the key to long term ranking success. Use quality hand written content on tier 1. We write the content for you, it is all included in the price.When the 20 pieces of top quality content are complete we drop them onto 20 high domain authority Web 2.0 sites.

We set up the brand new Web 2.0 sites for you. You will get the login details to these sites when the order is complete.

We will use your keyword in the sub domain URL of the web 2.0 site. This will give you a quality contextual backlink from a high authority site.You can specify the anchor text, however we recommend that you use:Brand

Title tag
Full open URL
Exact match keyword

If you do not want to use this anchor text distribution just let us know what you want us to use and we will do that for you.Each Web 2.0 site will include 2 or 3 images in the post and also a related video taken from YouTube. The sites will include your keyword in the post title, in the post url and also mentioned within the content at the top, middle and bottom.

We will not only link the Web 2.0 to your money site, we will also link out to other high authority sites related to your niche to ensure we do not leave any footprints. We will not link to your competitors.


The Web 2.0 sites are useless without backlinks pointing to them too.So we are going to link the 20 new Web 2.0 sites up into a link wheel.

This ensures that each and every Web 2.0 site gets a quality niche relevant contectual backlink to it.


That’s Tier 1 taken care of. Now we are going to power up those high quality Web 2.0 backlinks.This is where the real value lies with this service.Each and every Web 2.0 site (post page) is going to get 5 backlinks from high page authority Web 2.0 sites.Each and every site will get 5 backlinks from different web 2.0 Tumblr sites that have lots of backlinks pointing to them.

Tier 2 backlinks will come from high PA Tumblrs, all that lovely rank juice will flow around your Tier 1 Web 2 sites, which in turn will pass to your money site and rank you up big style.These blogs all have backlinks pointing to them and are all indexed. The homepage of each blog is already indexed in Google search and we are going to utilise this.

This is the RANKING SERCRET REVEALED:You are never ever going to have to index any of the new Tier 1 web 2.0 backlinks. The Tier 2 backlinks will ensure those backlinks get found by Google bot.The beauty of using already indexed Web 2.0 sites to index your new sites is that you do not leave any footprints at all.The content used on the Tier 2 backlinks will be readable and spun. This does not matter on Tier 2, we are only using these sites to index our Tier 1 backlinks and to add some authority to them.

The anchor text profile we will use on Tier 2 to your high quality Tier 1 backlinks is:

Title tag
full open url
long tail random x 2
part match
long tail exact x 2
other variations on your keyword (LSI)

exact matchThat’s it.

You are getting a lot of work done here for your money.These high quality backlinks will be enough to rank easy low competition keywords.In total you are getting 120 high quality backlinks used the right way.

That is a full month ranking work done for you, and best of all you do not even have to index any of those backlinks at all.

Do not build any more backlinks, these alone will get your site ranking up.If you do this over 3 months you are certainly going to rank number one on Google search for the right keywords.This is the right way to build backlinks for long term ranking results.

If you are struggling to rank you really do have to try this, you are going to be amazed at the results.Estimated delivery on this service is approximately 7-8 working days. Expect nothing but quality.


Web 2 0 Link Wheel Backlinks Top Google Ranking Proven Strategy


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