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Proofread & Rewrite Ad Copy or Text for English USA & Canada Readers

Like my other services, my approach to this one is also different than everyone else. Lots of sellers offer proofreading & rewriting services, but I offer to transform your text into something targeted specifically to the North American reader (USA & Canada). I am Canadian, so I am well aware of what draws the attention of English readers from here.

Let me give you an example...

Let's say your text is this: "Our great product meats what your needs most. We sir you like it and buy again. Hungry buyers mange to look at others and we are best ever! Dont miss opportunity now!"

To fix it you have a few options. You can use an article spinning program, or hire a proofreader or a text spell checker. Here's what you will get with those options...

1. A spinner will mangle the text into something like "Our product most meats the opportunity to buy again and buyers look at best hungry to be great ever". I've NEVER, ever seen an article spinner make sense out of anything. It just makes the text look terrible and visitors leave because it looks so unprofessional. You are actually SCARING away potential customers instead of ATTRACTING them!

2. Spell checker will only fix the spelling errors, such as "meats" (meets) and "mange" (manage), but is quite literal and doesn't understand context and what you are trying to convey to your audience. Grammarly has the same issue in that it can fix your literal text, but not make it relatable to your readers.

3. A hired proofreader will also correct your text, so it won't have spelling or grammatical errors, but won't rewrite it for a USA/Canada reader into something they can relate to.

Here's where I can be of service. Most text that I see online written by anyone outside the USA or Canada can be easily spotted as written by a foreign (not native English) writer. You may think your text looks great, even without any spelling mistakes, but it will look stiff and weird to North Americans.

People from the USA are especially wary of text that sticks out as poorly written, so if you are targeting that market, then my service can benefit you greatly. A common example is that people from India often write "Dear" when addressing someone. They will say "Hello Dear, I have an opportunity for you". When I read something like that I automatically know it's not written by someone in the USA, as they don't talk like that here anymore. It's a red flag. Don't do it.

What I will do is take your poorly written text or ad copy and turn it into something that looks like it would be written by someone in North America, as I am. I will make it look like a real human wrote it for real humans from the USA and Canada to read.

So, taking the above example, I would turn it into this: "Whatever you are looking for, we have it! We will meet, beat and exceed your expectations until you make US your buying destination of choice! Read on to learn about this perfect opportunity." See how different it is? It flows without sounding stiff or awkward. That's what you NEED to attract readers. This is extra important if you have a product or affiliate website.

IMPORTANT!! This is NOT a literal proofreading or spell checking service! See point 3 above for that. What I do is transform your text into something readable, relatable and enjoyable. The opposite of stiff, foreign and unreadable. Contact me if you are unsure or want me to look over your text first.

If you've read this far, then this is the service for you!!

NOTE: The basic price includes approx 200-300 words of text. See extras if you need more.

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