Organic Keywords Targeted GOOGLE Search Engine Traffic for $20

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Organic Keywords Targeted GOOGLE Search Engine Traffic

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Do you want to get visitors from Google Search Engine? This service is a great helper for that and Big plus for your website's SEO!! IF YES, ORDER GOOGLE KEYWORD TRAFFIC NOW...

All we need is your website URL and Up to 5 keywords related to your website. And your campaign we start within 24-48 hours (It might be within 2-3 days if ordered extras added or higher package) after you place an order you will get notified about the start. 24hrs or less

You can be thinking about how we are going to put it off. WE GOT YOU BACK

First, we do work on keywords and with database of {trends and queries} and you will get 500+(plus) visitors per day within 20 days Google Keyword Traffic.

Accept any website or blog, links. (except youtube, adult, and Fiver links). Traffic from the USA, UK, and Europe countries mix. You might receive sales/opt-ins but they cannot be guaranteed, understand this before purchasing.

In fact, SEO traffic will be positive SERP. The stats be seen on Google Analytics. You will be happy with this paid traffic service!


Key Features:

  • 20 days drip-feed Visitors
  • Organic Google Traffic, unique ip. No bots
  • 5 keywords.
  • The order will start the process within 24-48 hours.
  • 1-3 Mins visits duration per visit.
  • Surfing the Home page and sub-pages of the website.
  • Google analytics traceable.
  • lower bounce rate.
  • Improve web ranking.
  • Extensive customer support.


What We Need From You:

  1. Website/blog URL
  2. Short Description of your link
  3. Up-5 keywords phrases



Look into our FAQ below!!!

Q: How many visitors should I expect? For how long
A: The average is 500 to 1000 visitors per day... 20 days

Q: Do you Guarantee Sales, sign-up or Ads clicks
A: NO, we don't guarantee Sales, sign-up or Ads clicks because we cannot control visitors actions...

Q: What kind of website can I promote, and which ones are not allowed?
A: Although you are entitled to promote websites on almost any topic and content (Affiliation, Cpa offers, blogs, Adult site etc....) Some restriction is applied, and you can not submit:-, Linkback, Adfocus and similar service - page automatically downloading andy type of file without visitors consent

Q: What are the visitors going to see? Will the interact with my page?
A; Visitors will be free to browse your website without limitation; no frames or any other annoying banners are displayed. Conversions, Sale or leads may be possible but they are not guaranteed, due to the genuine nature or our promotion.



If you have a question > contact, message me.
I appreciate your interest.
Real SEO & Internet Marketing Specialist.

Note: I do not accept Fiverr URL,, Viruses, youtube, Clickbank

What's included

Search Engine Traffic


WebTraffic Traffic SearchEngineTraf RealTraffic SearchEngine GoogleTraffic


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Rating breakdown

Send a random daily amount of visitors 1 days $5
Split the traffic dynamically to up to 5 URLs (same domain only) 1 days $10
Send unique visitors to your website (1-72 hours) 1 days $7
Accept up to 10 keywords for your campaign 2 days $10
Send Mobile Traffic (iOS/Android/Tablets) 1 days $20
Extend the runtime of your campaign to 60 days 1 days $20
Send 1000-1500 daily visitors w/ Low Bounce Rates for 30 days 1 days $50
Send 1000-2500 daily visitors w/ Low Bounce Rates for 30 days 1 days $100
Send 2000-3500 daily visitors w/ Low Bounce Rates for 30 days 1 days $200
Send 2000-5000 daily visitors w/ Low Bounce Rates for 30 days 1 days $599

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